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EDER 679.05 Technology & Society Blog 1

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Diana Logan
EDER 679.05
Technology & Society
Blog 1
September 14, 2012

Creating My Presence On The Internet

I feel positive about the progress I have made using various forms of technology in the past few years. Luckily, I have had several patient mentors at work to answer frequent questions and to guide the way in my journey. Where I used to panic, freeze up, or randomly pound on keys when problems arose, I can now navigate most issues on my own. I am decent at creating documents, doing research, making powerpoint presentations, managing incoming mail etc. I recently learned more tricks to spruce up a word document from a university peer this summer. Such basic things as screen shots and locking text boxes. How had I missed that in the past?

I have, however, been reluctant to get on the social networking bandwagon. I am one of the few not on facebook. I have never looked at twitter. My older son only recently started using facebook so I had to learn enough to check up on his wall and posts. My sister has been hassling me to join Linkedin. I previously had no need nor desire. Frankly, I have felt some comfort in knowing that people can't find me on the net. I haven't wanted to share the details of my life with random people or long lost acquaintances and I don't care to share my family and social life freely.

In considering this blog this week, I have investigated my school division's new blog, which initially seemed like a bit of "who's who" popularity contest to see who has posted ideas. However, reading some posts actually did give me some food for thought. Yet, I wasn't impressed with the typos! I have read some other blogs and contemplated the creation of personal learning networks (I had never heard of that before) and how I might benefit professionally from getting connected. I even broke down and joined Linkedin. I don't have much of a profile yet. I do feel a little uneasy about the almost immediate connections made with people I have emailed in the past. Within 2 minutes of signing up, I received a reply from my sister suggesting I beef up my profile. "Hey, how did you know so quickly that I signed up?" I asked. She has it open on her browser all the time.

In reading the beginning of the Thomas and Brown text, I have realized that part of the growth in my skills and/or change in my attitude towards technology comes from the ability to embrace change. "Information technology has become a participatory medium, giving rise to an environment that is constantly being changed and reshaped by the participation itself," (Thomas & Brown, 2011, p. 42).
The idea presented that the old model of education focusing on "stable" knowledge does not fit the 21st Century due to the constant changes and new information encountered helps to clarify why our schools need to keep progressing. I don't think we need to see it as a deficit that needs to be fixed as much as a development that has exciting potential.

Well, here goes the start to my online presence!

Thomas, D. & Brown, J.S. (2011). A New Culture Of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change. Seattle, WA: Create Space.

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  1. Hi Diana
    I found that your comments about reluctance to enter social media hit very close to home. I just recently joined Facebook and use if very cautiously. I do enjoy keeping in touch with friends but I don’t care to know what people are having for supper, where they are shopping or what they scored on Farmville. After recently starting to read Thomas and Brown (2011) I realize that social media has the potential to connect us to a much larger community, but it can be a specific community. My son tells me I can block certain posts and updates that I find annoying; I haven’t learned to do that yet. I am reluctant to change settings for fear I ‘unfriend’ someone and offend them. My goal is to learn the power of social media and look at the benefits it can offer to our students and me.
    Good luck with your journey. I will be learning along side you!

    Thomas, D. & Brown, J.S. (2011). A new culture of learning. Seattle, WA: Create Space