Monday, 26 November 2012

The Last Post? - Blog 6

Our journey with blogging has come to an end; or has it? For this final required post for EDER 679.05, I am contemplating whether or not I will continue blogging in the future. I have definitely learned the value of blogging and the collaborative power of being part of the collective community by following blogs. I must admit, I have kind of enjoyed sharing my musings on technology and society and I have been impressed with the impact created by linking my ideas to other blogs and exploring the connections in other people’s posts.
It is interesting to note, as I have surfed around snooping at blogs, that not many blog writers are prolific. It is apparent that no one from last spring’s class of EDER 679 has continued blogging. Many of my favourite bloggers have big gaps in their posts. Once I find a voice that interests me, I am a bit deflated to see that they have not been updating.
Part of me wants to push it and see what I could create if I kept it up. Would I actually get a real following? Even after asking a few friends and family members to have a look and reply, I only have one reply outside this class. It looked kind of authentic but anyone who knows me will see that I coerced my husband. Should I invest the time for myself and see what happens? Maybe if I am not bounded by the guidelines of the class I will venture further and create something more personal or organic. (Even that sounds ridiculous!) I could remove the university heading and not link to my professional organization and include my true sense of humor to build a community, or I could stay on the professional track and focus on educational ideas to build a collective among teachers. A third option… let the dust settle and read a good novel. I might record all the URLs of our classmates and check in periodically. Time will tell how blogging has affected all of us.

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